Conversations With the Kids

We were at a model train show and Dao spotted a small table with small trains. He told me, “Daddy, that’s a very small, tiny, little engine.” Even the man behind the booth was surprised how small Dao had described his trains.

While stuck at the red light I said, “Come on, I want to go home.” Dao followed up, “Please green light, we want to go home.”

At another stop light he spotted a man crossing the street and asked me, “Daddy, why is he walking home?” I reply, “He’s walking because he doesn’t have a car.” He went on, “Why doesn’t he have a car?” I said, “Because he doesn’t have money to buy a car.” I wanted to give him the value of money so I went on, “Like when you want to buy a toy, you have to have money. Do you know where the money come from?” He responded, “From the piggy bank.” I was like, “No, no. You have to work to earn money.”

As for out lil Dan, he has been mumbling quite a bit lately. He baby-talks all the time and has started to repeat what we say. Like when we say his name, he would say it back but not quite correct yet. He also knows the word “đèn” (light). Every time I say the word “đèn,” he would repeat it and look up to the lights. We’re predicting that he’ll probably talk more than his older brother since he already started early.