Thanh Thảo – Nonstop 2012: Bạc Trắng Tình Đời

Thanh Thảo returns to the club once again. Her new release features one track that clocks over an hour of nothing but Nonstop heavy-hitting beats weaving together a handful of trendy, sugary, catchy, dated pop hits. What makes the album shines, however, is that the thumping, pounding productions work toward her advantage.

The magic wand behind the album is producer Bảo Lư. Not only he knows how to cover up Thanh Thảo’s flaws and limited range, he also transforms the banal tunes into something more creative. He manages to make Thanh Thảo sounds more convincing underneath the chaotic beats. Thanh Thảo is no longer just singing about her broken heart. She’s burying her soul inside the thunderous productions. She’s ready for revenge. Fuck you for breaking her heart. She’s going to show you what the fuck you’re missing out.

Although I am getting way too old for the club shit, Nonstop beats the fucking blue out of me.

Bonjour Vietnam