Đức Tuấn – Lời Tôi Ru Như Mơ

Đức Tuấn bores me. His delivery is badly repetitive. He locks himself into the broadway singing style that isn’t doing him any good for Vietnamese music. Lời Tôi Ru Như Mơ, his latest offerring of Từ Công Phụng’s romantic ballads, meets the standard, but far from outstanding.

Once again Đức Tuấn invested top-notch arrangements, which have become his standard, for his album, but his singing has become quite predictable and mechanical. He treats each word with so much care and calculation that it takes away from the emotional essence. Even when he injects his soul into the songs, it feels calculated, which ended up sounding so fake. On “Tự Tình Mùa Xuân,” the simple romance is nowhere to be heard because the song has turned into a musical broadway soundtrack. On “Trên Tháng Ngày Đã Qua,” he is terribly off-key trying to make the song sounds new. The result is disruptive and extremely awkward.

With the exception of “Kiếp Dã Tràng,” Lời Tôi Ru Như Mơ has similar song selection to Tuấn Ngọc’s Giọt Lệ Cho Ngàn Sau. The caliber of Đức Tuấn’s, however, is nowhere near Tuấn Ngọc’s classic.