Grandpa is Sick

The night the undertakers took grandpa to the funeral home, Dao was still up. He ran into my lap and asked, “Where are they taking grandpa?” It then struck me how should I tell a three year-old that his grandpa is gone forever. I replied to him, “Grandpa is going to a better place.” He pressed on, “Why?” I didn’t know what to say to him so I told him the truth, “Because he was sick and…” He interrupted, “The doctors take him away to make him feel better.” I replied, “Well, yes” and he said goodbye to grandpa.

The next day at dinner table, Dao asked his mom, “Mommy, grandpa is missing. He’s sick and the doctors took him away to make him feel better.” His innocent words put tears to all of us, especial his mom and grandma.

Dao had played a special role in grandpa’s heart. Dao was his first grandkid. Grandpa used to pick Dao up from daycare and he recognized how articulate this kid was by just talking to him. Of all the grands, Dao would be the only one that has the most memory of grandpa. We will certainly keep grandpa’s legacy alive.