My Baby Dan

My little guy will be one at the end of the month. Damn, a year already? I spent a whole day with him yesterday and realize how much he has developed in such a short time. In additional to food, I learned something else that he liked. As we were stuck in morning traffic, I listened to some political talk on the radio and he screamed. I switched to classical music and he stopped crying and fell asleep. When he woke up I tried again switching from political talk to classical and he listened without a sound. This is definitely a good sign, not like Dao at all. Dao is so funny. Anything that he doesn’t like such as 80s rock and classical music, he would say, “that music is old.”

Before having a second kid, my biggest concern was that I would prefer one over the other without realizing so and that I wouldn’t pay much attention to Dao because of the second baby. Fortunately both are boys and so they could relate to each other. Now it is actually more fun with the boys. Once Dan is a bit older I could just sit back and watch them play. Obviously every once in a while I will have to be the judge or referee.

Yesterday while Dan was sleeping in the car, I browsed a bit on my iPhone and watched a clip of judge William Adams beat his daughter for using the Internet. (Don’t watch this, kids.) Not only he whipped her with a belt, but he also used the “F” word repeatedly. Man, the clip is too brutal.