Bedtime Story

Dao: Daddy, can you tell me a story?
Dad: Once upon a time, there’s a boy named Dao and he loves train. He plays with nothing else but train all day. At school, his teachers have to put all the trains away so that he could do other activities. They gave him a book to read and he imagined the book as his train. He drove the book around like it was a train. His teacher told him, “A book is for reading, not for playing.” He threw a tandrum at his teacher. Why did he do that?
Dao: Because he’s not nice.
Dad: Exactly.
Dao: Can you tell me another story?
Dad: Once upon a time, there’s a boy named Dao and he loves candy. On Halloween night, he dressed up as a dragon and he tried to fly.
Dao: But that’s impossible.
Dad: That’s right. So he hopped into his train with his little brother Dan and they went around the mall treat-or-treating. They came up to the people and what did they say?
Dao: Happy Halloween!
Dad: That’s right. Then they gave them lots of candy. They even met an alien.
Dao: No, a pirate.
Dad: Oh yeah, a pirate and they stopped by the water fountain that has lots of…
Dao: Clouds.
Dad: Yes, and they had lots of fun and candy. The end!
Dao: Daddy, can you tell me the candy story again?
They repeated the story for five times before the daddy passed out. Not sure when Dao went to sleep.

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