Goodbye Sandy

I am so glad Sandy is gone even though she was not so cruel to us. On the good side, I got two extra days to catch up with my school projects and spent time with my lovely boys and girl.

Looking after Dan is quite exhausting. His licking issue seems to get worse. Can’t leave him alone for 15 seconds without him licking something. He licks the carpet, the drawer’s knobs, the wheels, the chairs and anything else that he’s curious about. Even a toy book with buttons, he would press it repeatedly and like the sound that response to his action. Still he has to lick it to explore it. The licking is really driving me insane.

Dao never had that problem when he was around one. If he saw something he liked, he would touch it and look at it very carefully, but never put it in his mouth. Then again Dao doesn’t like anything in his mouth including food. Each kid has his own uniqueness I guess.

Dao is now could play all by himself, but he also wants us to play with him, which is nice. He’s still obsessed with trains and cars. His mom spoils him so much that everyday he asks for something special. You know your kid is spoiled when he expects a box infront of his doorstep everyday. His mom orders everything online. He’s actually surprised when he doesn’t see a box infront of the house.

So he asked me for something special and I said to him, “You want something special everyday. DO you think I just pull them out of my butt?” His response was, “That’s not a good idea.” My jaw dropped. I had never heard him said that before.