Too Excited

After picking Dao up from school last Thursday, I informed him that we go to George Mason to purchase some tickets for “Disney on Ice” show and he could go with his mom and grandma on Saturday. His response was, “You, betcha.” I asked him, “Who taught you that phrase?” He said, “Mickey Mouse.”

We pulled into a parking space next to a car that played some 80’s music and Dao told me, “Daddy, that music is old.” When we got to the box office, the doors were opened for the show. I warned him, “We’re just going to get the tickets ok and then we go home.” He pulled my arm and said, “But daddy, I am too excited. I can’t go home. Can we go in?”

It turned out that Mason only gave 4 tickets for employee discount. I needed 7. So I called my wife to inform her that and told her to just come by when we she gets home and we just watch the show for the three of us and then get the 4 tickets at another time. Dao’s excitement didn’t last too long. He just wanted to see Mickey Mouse. He didn’t care much about Disney stories. He got bored and we left at the second half of the show.

Another funny poop-related incident over the weekend. Dao was playing at the table train at home and suddenly he pulled down his pants and pooped in the potty. I cleaned him and told him to put on his pants again, but he didn’t do so. He played at the train table again without his pants. A few minites later, he said, “Mommy, mommy, something is coming out.” We were like, “What come out. You just pooped.” Then he ran over to the potty and did another number two.

While having dinner at Bac Tram’s house yesterday, both Dao and Dan fell asleep. They played the whole day; therefore, both got really tired. As we were driving back home, Dana told met to take care of both kids when we get home. I was like, “What do you mean? What are you going to do?” She said, “I have to go. Something is coming out.” I was laughing my ass off. Now that line becomes our inside joke.