Re-Elect President Obama

I have exactly one vote and one voice in this election. Still I hope my vote will count and my voice can be heard. After analyzing the policies from both parties, I concluded that President Obama is still the best choice for America.

The last four years had not been easy on us, but the economy is recovering. While I admire Mitt Romney’s background in business, his interests aren’t in creating jobs. Like most MBA candidates I had witnessed from working at the school of business, Romney is all about profits. The Sensata controversy is a perfect example. Romney who has a major investment in Sensata, which owned by Bain Capital, hasn’t say a word about the fact that the company will be closed down and moved to China on the day before the election. While Romney is campaigning about bringing jobs back to the US, his investment and profitability is in shipping jobs to China.

Healthcare issue is much more personal to me. I have been getting back to my regular checkups thanks to the Obama-care. I don’t have to pay a dime out of my pocket for these preventive cares. While $25 copay might not be an issue for one person. We have four family members. Between physical and dental checkups twice a year and flu shots, they do add up. Still that’s not a big deal. My biggest concern is the voucher system proposed by Romney and Ryan. I don’t want to see my mother and my parent-in-law having to deal with the insurance companies. Let the seniors have a peace of mind with guaranteed healthcare.

On national security, Obama has pulled our troops out of Iraq and winding down in Afghanistan. Under his strong leadership, we destroyed our number one enemy: Osama bin Laden. Unlike what Romney has continuously accused him of apologizing, Obama has strengthened our relationships with our allies around the world.

On domestic issues, the President supports higher education, equal pay for equal work and gay marriage. While I have nothing but respect for people with faiths, I don’t want their religious beliefs to be imposed on me. If Romney and Ryan win the election, they would likely to appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices who oppose gay marriage, abortion and even contraceptive for women.

I endorsed and voted for Obama in 2008. Four years had been a huge change in my life. I am blessed with two wonderful boys and moved on to a great job. I am much better off today than four years ago. The country is also in a much better shape today than four years ago. If Obama is re-elected, I am positive that the next four years would be prosperous for America.

Bonjour Vietnam