One Year at Mason Law

I I can’t believe I have been at Mason Law over a year already. This new gig has been nothing but positive.

In retrospect, it has been a productive year. I redesigned the Law School’s website using responsive web design and brought the codes up to the latest standards. I created a number of websites to serve the faculty, students, and staff including faculty personal web pages, the law library’s blog, student organizations sites, the Admissions Intranet, and various websites for other law school programs. I even started a blog to keep track of the projects I have worked on as well as notes and references to do my work.

My goal for this coming year is to update the content management system for the law school’s website to the latest version of MODX Revolution, migrate CAAS from Drupal to WordPress, and maybe a new design for the Law web site as well.

The folks I have been working with are fantastic. I can’t ask for anything better. It was indeed a great decision to take on this new position.