The Lady is a Scam

Dan and I were waiting outside of Thanh Son’s tofu while Dung and Dao went in to by some sweet treats. I witnessed once again the lady (in her 40s) who sells banh it scamming people. The victims where two young teenagers. The guy was carrying a flower pot and waking with a girl. The lady pulled the girl over and asked her to buy so banh it. The two teenagers appeared to speak very little Vietnamese. Out of sympathy, the girl asked how much for a buddle of banh it. The lady said $8, but sell for $5. The girl agreed to get $5 worth of banh it, but the lady demanded that the girl give her $20. The girl pulled $20 out of her purse. The lady took two more bundles of banh it and gave it to the girl without giving back her change. The girl said in Vietnamese, “The whole $20?” She replied yes and tried to change the conversation about the flower pot. Then the two kids walked away. I shook my head in disbelief.

The lady pulled this exact scam on me before. At first I was intending to help her out because the weather was cold and she was standing there all alone on a Wednesday evening. She caught me after I bought some hot, fried tofu from Thanh Son. Unlike the kids, I took my money back and walked away. Now she leaves me alone every time I go to Thanh Son.

Still I was upset that she tricked the two kids. Fortunately the kids brought back their aunts and mom and demanded the refund. The lady gave back everything. She could have made a $5 sell instead of scamming people and got nothing at the end. If you go to Eden Center, don’t fall for this scam. There are people who sells other things like hot peppers, vegetables and herbs. They are pretty decent. You can negotiate the price, but they don’t scam you like that one lady.

I kind of missed the lady who sells goodies outside of Hai Ky Mi Gia. Her goodies and prices were decent. She always played with Cu Dao when he was around one or so. She isn’t there any more.