We went to mexican grill yesterday. Dao took his first bite of the nachos and said quite loud, “It’s terrible.” Both my wife and I were shocked. We glad that the place was not too crowed and the employees didn’t hear us. Then later on he liked the corns and wanted more. I took him to the register and he spoke to the lady, “More corns, please.”

Yesterday he came and sat next to me. Then he asked him mom, “Mommy, do you want to sit next to me?” His mom said yes and he told me, “Daddy, you need to get out.” Though the was inappropriate, the way he said it kind of hilarious. That’s my troublesome Dao.

He always loves visiting his cousins Eric and Sammy. He and Eric could run around the house playing hide and seek all day. Sammy has been playing and teaching him stuff on the iPad, which he really likes.

As for Dan, his appetite has been increasing. He drinks more milk and eats much more. Feeding him is a joy because he could finish a bowl of whatever in five minutes. If I don’t feed him fast enough he would be fuzzy. He continues to use the word “đi” (go) and always wants to go somewhere. he could not sit still for even one second. He still likes to lick things, but he could tell when we disapproved his action. When he’s about to but a toy car into his mouth, I said, “hey hey hey…” and he stopped. If he’s crawling and I come after him, he would crawl quicker or climb up the steps much quicker. I call him “Dan Lật Đật”.