Turning One

I can’t believe my baby Dan is turning one next month. It seems like yesterday that we welcomed him into our world. He has been quite a special addition to our little family. He’s playful and cheerful most of the time even when he wasn’t feeling well.

Dan has been exploring the world quite a bit. Not only with his eyes and hands, but also his mouth. Although he could play all by himself if he has toys, we have to keep an eye on him constantly. Anything he could get him hand on, it would also go into his mouth.

He has not been able to stand yet, but he already wanted to walk. The result is bruising cheek and eye brown. Still he has not learned. He keeps on letting go of his hands whenever he’s standing up.

Dan loves food. Today a fed him a bowl of chicken porridge and he ate everything. He would eat pretty much anything we give him. Unfortunately he seems to have pretty bad case of allergy; therefore, we also have to monitor his diet. He also threw up every formula his pediatrician gave him to try. Mother’s milk is the only thing that he could drink.

One of my favorite things about Dan is his positive attitude. He smiles often and interacts with anyone who responses to him. I could play with him all day and he would smile all day. Unfortunately I can’t keep up with his energy. He could never sit still for even just one second. He could crawl everywhere to find things to put in his mouth.

Unlike Dao, Dan has not developed any obsession for anything. He plays with everything for a bit and then moves on. If I remember correctly, Dao developed his obsessions with Curious George, cars and trains very early on. One of the funny things about Dan is that he dances to everything. Even when an “ABC” song comes on, he would move his feet.

Dan is also fearless. Dao still wouldn’t ride the little horsey Bac Tram gave him for his second birthday. Dan already sits on the horse without supervision. Another thing I love about Dan is his consistency. He goes to sleep on quite regular hours. He doesn’t scream when he wakes up and we’re not around. Even til this day, Dao would find his toy and then scream if we’re not sleeping with him.

There are so much things about my baby Dan. Life has been quite hectic for me these days; therefore, I haven’t have much chance to record on his progressions. School takes quite a bit of time away from this part of my life. I am still debating wether this is worth the commitment. School I can always go back as long as I work for a University. The time with my kids can’t turn back. I am really trying hard to balance work, life and school. Will see how this semester goes and then I’ll make a decision. Nevertheless, I am very proud of my baby Dan. He’s my heart and soul.