No More Hitting and Scratching

The past month has been so crazy, that I haven’t noticed the changes with Dao. Last night I realized that he hasn’t hit or scratched people anymore. Even his teachers aren’t reporting about them. Whenever I asked them how was his day and the most responses were positive.

Maybe Dao is getting past that state or he is now able to communicate much better than before. He still expresses his anger by throwing tantrums or toys, which is still not acceptable but better. Nevertheless I am still very happy that he uses his words more than his hands.

The improvement I suspect is from one of his new teachers. She holds a degree in psychology and she has been working quite patiently with him. I still recall the first few weeks of school, his teacher asked me to cut his fingernails because he scratched her. He would take it out on her whenever his friends didn’t do what he wanted. He even called her “You’re the baby,” but she was able to turned it around by playing with him.

Most of the time I would ignore him, but one time I got annoyed. I told him, “Since I am a baby, can you take this key and drive me home? I am a baby so I can’t drive.” He responded, “I can’t drive. You can.” I went on, “But you said I am a baby.” Then he said, “No, you’re not a baby. Please drive us home.”

At this age, he’s starting to reason so I am very glad about it. I can say things to him and expect that he understands. Maybe he understood before too, but he just played dumb. I am very glad to see the turn around.