First Presidential Debate

Obama was, as my son would say, “running out of puff.” Romney grilled him on the $90-billion green energy again and again, but he didn’t response, which made it sounded as if he was indeed fucked up. Was Obama too nice to bring up Romney’s tax, his association with Bain Capital on shipping jobs to China and his comment on the 47%? It was not a good night for Obama.

As for Romney, I thought I was watching De Niro playing politician. Unfortunately his emotion for the middle class was not as authentic as his disdain for the 47%. I reviewed last night debate as well as the 47% clip, I couldn’t believe the contrast between the two Romneys. On one clip, he cares for the middle class. On another clip, he doesn’t give a fuck about them. He backed away from his tax plan. He proposed cutting 20% of all marginal tax rates, which would cut $5 trillion in tax revenue. He suggested that he would cut fundings on programs like PBS to reduce reduce $1 trillion deficit.

Romney won the debate big time even with very little sincerity and substance.