Full Circle

Dao: Daddy, can we go to Bac Tram’s house?
Dad: No honey, I have class today.
Dao: No you don’t have class. It’s getting dark.
Dad: Yes, but I still have to go.
Then Dao saw pumpkin sale for Halloween.
Dao: Daddy, can we buy some pumpkins?
Dad: No honey, I am broke.
Dao: No, you’re not broke. You are fixed?
Dad: I am fixed?
Dao: Yes, I fixed you.
Dad: You fixed me?
Dao: Yes, I fixed you with a hammer.
Dad: You are so funny.
Dao: I am not funny. I am sad.
Dad: Why are you sad?
Dao: Because I am not happy.
Dad: Why are you not happy?
Dao: Because I want to go to Bac Tram’s house.
Dad: Ok, we’re going to Bac Tram’s house.
Dao: Now I am happy!
I just got punked by my own kid.