The worse part being a parent is seeing your little angel suffer but you can’t do a damn thing. Poor little Dan has been teething, coughing and vomiting the whole week. At night he got up every half an hour because of his cough. I hardly take photos of him because his eczema around his mouth is getting worse. Being sick brings both the bad and good parts out of him. Despite all the struggles, my baby boy always manages to put a smile on his face. If he keeps this attitude, I am positive that he’ll live a much happier and healthier life. My baby Dan is a carefree spirit.

Dao, on the other hand, is much more crankier than Dan. He’s stubborn but very determine. The other day when I picked him up from daycare, I told him to go pee pee before we go home. We went into the men’s room and I told him to use the stool to pee. He said, “No, I don’t need a stool. I am a big boy.” He pulled down his pants and put his thing right on the stall because he’s a bit short. Being a clean freak, I was speechless. People pissed all over that stool. Yesterday we did the same thing, but this time, he nudged up his feet so that his penis doesn’t touch the stall. Man, I was so proud of him.

Between the sick kid and the homework, I slept less and less. Last night I had about two hours. I am on my second venti coffee frappacino with two extra shots of expressos of the day. I went to class yesterday and I got slammed on the new project. I didn’t let it get to me, but I wanted to just step up my game for the class tomorrow. When I got home late last night I found out that one of my client’s sites was compromised so I had to fix it first. I was so dead tired, but I couldn’t sleep so I worked out my homework. Man, I don’t know how long I can keep up with this crazy schedule. Now I could understand why people with young children would have a tough time getting through school.