Taking a Break

Every time I think of taking a break, I ended up blogging more than usual. Yesterday was the proof. School will start in two weeks and I am very excited. Next Tuesday I will be taking a full day workup learning InDesign. The workshop is free and will be taught by two graphic design students. I peaked at their work and very impress. Hope I can learn something from them. I never thought that I would InDesign, but I better get myself prepared since I am going to learn about graphic design.

My goal before attending school is to focus on getting my freelance project finish and catching up on readings. The freelance gig is coming along well. I am very excited and can’t wait to share it with everyone. My list just keep getting longer and longer, but here’s are the books that I hope get through:

I still haven’t gotten a response from my professor for the books I need for the Advanced Typography class. Well, hope you all are having a great summer. Enjoy it while you can.