Still Waiting for My Digital Reading Device

Last Friday, I spent forty-five minutes at Staples playing around with the Nexus 7. I like it. The interface is very initiative. Unlike the Kindle Fire, the touch response is quite accurate. The size seems to be perfect for reading. Then I decided to make the purchase, but it all sold out. I went to Office Max, but they only carried an 8gig, not 16gig. The salesman told me it would be cheaper to get an 8gig and then get a SanDisk card to upgrade to a 16gig. I thought to myself, “Is this guy for real?” I hope he’s not saying that to other customers.

On Sunday we were at the mall and I dropped by GameStop to see if they have one. The cashier told me they had one with 10% discount special. I copped it immediately. Since I already have a gmail account, setting up the Nexus was very easy. As I played with the device, however, I noticed the latency in the feedback. The response started to act weird like I was taking to a screen I didn’t touch on. It gave me a flashback of the horrendous experience on the Kindle Fire. Something was not right because I didn’t have that experience at Staples. Then I recalled when I first opened the box there was no wrap. So I called GameStop and asked if the device had been used. They said yes and that was the reason I got 10% off. I was furious. No one told me that when I bought the device. I don’t want to pay $25 less for a freaking used device.

I took Nexus back to the store, but my wife didn’t put the charger back to the box. The guy told me I could go to any GameStop to return it. So I went home, grabbed the charger and went to a GameStop closer to my house and guess what? They didn’t take it because the store is too small. I had to go back to the original store and that had to be my last stop at GameStop ever again.

Now I am still debating whether I should get the Nexus 7 or the new iPad. I love the retina display on the new iPad, but it’s a bit too big for reading, especially when lying down in bed. I guess I should wait for the iPad Mini to drop.

Bonjour Vietnam