Why Romney-Ryan Ticket is Bad For America

As his favorable slipping, even in the Republican party, Mitt Romney needs to do something to galvanize his base and that something is his selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Romney knows that he has to make this bold move to get a shot at the general election. He needs to adopt Ryan’s proposals as his own because he doesn’t really have one. And anyone who has been following up with Ryan’s plan knows how ideological it is.

To reduce the government’s deficit, Ryan’s budget would cut federal spending on Social Safety programs including Medicare, Medicaid and Pell grants. But then his proposal would increase spending on defense. Furthermore, Ryan believes in Ayn Rand’s idea of “equal opportunity—not equal outcomes” and looking at “one another’s success with pride, not resentment.” While his proposal would cut aid to the needy, it also would cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. No wonder economist Paul Krugman called Ryan’s plan, “the most fraudulent budget in American history.”

So Romney’s choice of Ryan might be good for the Republican party, but bad for America.