Best Viewed In Small Screens

When redesigning Mason Law web site early this year, I knew that I had to have all the navigational links at the top. For the desktop version, I fulfilled that requirement, but my real preference is not to have them all at the top. I wanted the contents to be more prominent and that was how I structured my markups: content first, navigation second. This is one of the things that responsive design is so appealing to me.

Once I met the desktop requirements, I get much more creative freedom for the smaller screens. This is the reason mobile-first approach is important. For the Law web site, the best, or my preferred, experience is when the browser is at 739px or lower. That’s when the navigation gets out of the way and you can get to it by hitting on the menu button.

In the next design, which I have already been thinking a bit, I will go for a minimal set of links at the top. Yes, the new site is only up for six months and I am already planning on a new design. I feel as if I have adopted this baby.