R.S. Tree & Landscape Service

Six months after moving into our home, my wife and I wanted to cut down all the trees around our house. We just don’t like them, but we weren’t really motivated to do so until the thunderstorm uprooted a black walnut in our backyard. The tree didn’t fall down completely because the branches were caught on two other trees. We were lucky that the tree didn’t fall onto our house like the one a few blocks from us, which damaged the garage and two cars.

With two little kids in the house, I am little bit paranoid about the incident so I called five different services in the area for an estimate. At first, we just wanted to cut the uprooted black walnut and a lotus, which is closer to our house. The estimates ranged from $1,200 to $2,500, which included removing the trees, grinding the stumps and hauling away the woods. The company that quoted $2,500 was out. Then we saw a couple of guys cutting down a tree a few miles down the street so we called them in for an estimate.

Roberto Solorzano, estimator and the owner of R.S. Tree & Landscape Service, came by to gave us an estimate on Friday. We agreed on the price and he said they would do the job on Monday. Then we decided to just go ahead and remove two more in our backyard so he came back and gave us another price. All four trees came out to $2,200.

I came home from work today and everything was done. They even pruned some branches for the tree infront of the house with no cost. I am very satisfied with their service as well as their price. I recommend them for anyone in the area would like to remove their trees.