Some Visual Realignments

Visualgui gets some small but necessary visual tweaks. The new brand is set in Krona One by Yvonne Schüttle. I like the clean sans serif style with a touch of personality. The colors in “GUI” make the brand pop a bit.

Speaking of my brand, I am my own worst critic. I keep changing it because I never completely satisfy of it. One of these days, I’ll gather all the designs I have done for my own brand and call it “Identity Crisis.” Truth be told, the name is a bit vague. It’s actually a play off of “Visual Guy.” I have thought of commissioning one of my fellow graphic designers to do it for me, but I want to get over my own challenge.

One of my constraints is that the brand has to be text and not image text for various reasons including accessibility, but web typeface just looks much crispier. Thanks to the new CSS3 @font-face, the challenge it not as crucial as before. I also love the ability to play with CSS on the brand.

As far as responsive design, it has become part of my workflow. It would feel weird if I don’t make the site responsive and I wouldn’t take on a job if my clients say they don’t need a responsive design. Sure, responsive design is not a bulletproof for every project, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be. If the desktop site looks great, I don’t see why you can’t tailor it for small screen devices. With this realignment, I wanted to push for more flexibility. The menu strip, the homepage banner, the footer and the graphic section are all set in 100% width.

Major visual update has to be the colors for each section. For the site, motion and graphic sections, I wanted to use a dark color that would make the screenshots pop more. Trying out the colors had been quite time-consuming.

Look around and I hope you enjoy the updates. This is it for a while. I seriously need to stop tinkering around with this site. I spend way too much time sweating the little details.