Podcasts I Like

I drive my wife and kids insane listening to web-related podcasts. By catching up on some shows while getting the kids to sleep I thought I could accomplish two tasks at once, but that isn’t the case. My wife said the talk gives her a headache. Dao asked me, “Why is that man keep on talking?” So now I just put on my headphone when I listen to podcasts. It helped me clean the house and fold the laundry.

If I remember correctly, the first tech podcast I listened to was Dan Benjamin’s “The Pipeline” with Jeffrey Zeldman. I loved to hear how these talented guys and gals became successful. Unfortunately “The Pipeline” has not been updated for a year.

The first episode of “The Big Web Show” I listened to was when Jeffrey and Dan interviewed the Drupal Girl aka Jen Simmons. She’s no longer the Drupal gal and this show is now quite sporadic. Then I got hooked on Jen’s “The Web Ahead.” I love focus of this show. Each episode delves into a very specific topic and Jen Simmons’ knowledge of the web is quite astonishing. She was on hiatus for a while, which gave me a chance to catch up on every show. One of my favorite episodes is on video with Michael Verdi. The topic on Flash brought back so much nostalgia. The show is now also sporadic.

I also tuned into Kristina Halvorson’s “Content Talks.” I listened to almost every episode. Love the content strategy talk as well as Kristina’s clear enunciation. Too bad this show is also not active.

Occasionally I listened to “The Talk Show” with John Gruber. The breakup caused quite a stir, which resulted in one-star review for John’s new show. I still follow John on his new show. Based on the lacking of updates of the shows I mentioned above in the 5by5 network, I could see why John did what he did.

One of the shows on 5by5 that is still on regular schedule is “Build and Analyze” with Marco Arment. This show is somewhat similar to “The Talk Show” in a way that they talk about Apple.

Although I am not too crazy about the Q&A format of “ShopTalk,” which hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, I tuned in anyway. Chris and Dave could be quite hilarious at times.

Recently I caught up with both “The Non-Breaking Space Show,” which hosted by Christopher Schmitt and Dave McFarland, and “The East Wing” by Tim Smith and Galen Gidman. Both are pretty decent.

Damn, that’s a lot of podcasts.