Reuniting Eden Community

I am saddened to hear the news about a Vietnamese man gunning down another Vietnamese fellow before taking his own life. What even more heartbreaking is that the incident took place in the vibrant Eden Center.

Living in Virginia for the past five years, Eden Center has become my community. I go there for lunch almost daily now and I take my family there on the weekend to eat and just to hang out. Whenever someone asks me where to find authentic Vietnamese food in the DC Metro area, I point them to Eden Center with pride.

It’s big shock to hear Viet killing Viet in Viet community. It’s time for us, as Vietnamese American, to rebuild our image and move forward. For me Eden Center is closet to Vietnam from where I live; therefore, I want this community to strive, not set back. As driving to work this morning, I thought of a graphic signage to promote unity in the Eden Community.