Back Home

Our little family getaway to Atlantic city is over. Three days of relaxing, eating and some gambling went by quick. In the morning, Dan woke up the earliest (around 5am) so I strolled him around the boardwalk. At noon we jumped into the big-ass bath tube in our room. Dao and Dan loved it. We didn’t even have to go to the beach. Dao is still in fear of the waves. We hit the swimming pool once. Lil Dan loved the water. As soon I put him in, he kicked his feet and splashing his arms froggy style. Then we took a long-ass nap and headed to dinner. After dinner we headed out to the carnival.

Once the kids got to bed around midnight, I went downstairs for Pai Gow. The first night I won $30. The second night I won $50. The third night I lost $100. Pai Gow is the only table that I like to play. I only bet the minimum and only the Resorts has the lowest minimum at $15. I am not a big gambler and I hate to lose money, but I like to play for fun. On the second night, an Italian guy pulled out $5,000 and lost it all in just an hour. He seemed tired as hell, but kept on playing until he lost it all.

I also chatted with some Vietnamese dealers for a bit. On all three nights, an old Chinese guy who spoke no English was there sitting next to me. One of the dealers told me that he and a group at another table took the bus there every night until 4am. Imagine that, playing the same damn thing every day.

In any rate, vacationing with two small children isn’t quite relaxing, but it was definitely worth the bonding time. The two boys are growing amazingly fast. I am not sure how a single parent could handle it all. I certainly can’t do it without Dana.