Revisiting Atlantic City

Back in 2000, I spent a summer month interning at Trump Maria, which now turned into Golden Nugget. What was nice was I had a hotel room and three meals a day for employees. What was suck was I didn’t have anything to work on. I didn’t learn anything except clipping path in Photoshop, which is quite a useful skill to have. My internship was supposed to last three months, but I resigned after a month a half, which was long enough to satisfy the college’s credits.

One of the things that I loved was whenever a co-worker took me out to a bakery that baked fresh, delightful baguette. I am not sure if the place is still around, but I couldn’t remember exactly where it is. I remember faithless that it is a few blocks from the Taj Mahal toward AC express way. My mission in the next couple of days, a last-minute getaway, is to find out if the place is still around. I used to love the smell of that fantastic French bread.

Anyway, I am going to be on the road today; therefore, I’ll missed the Euro 2012 final. With the way Spain play, I doubt that it’s going to be excited game so I’ll just catch up with the scores afterward. Peace out!