Web Services Blog

When I took on the position of web services developer at the Law School, I didn’t even know what a command line is, and yet most of the tasks that I would need to do were through the text-based interface. I sat down with the previous developer for one day and he overwhelmed me with all the commands.

As I started my new job, I had to explore my way around Linux environment. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I picked books and learn on the job. Every time there was a request, I didn’t know what to do. Nothing was written down so I had to contact my predecessor. Fortunately he was very responsive to my questions, but I still felt bad that I had to bug him.

Whenever he explained to me something, I took notes and kept them so that I could refer to them later. Now I would like to keep all of that valuable information somewhere so that I won’t be the only one to know do a certain tasks. If I were to move on, which is very unlikely because I love this job, the new person can have all the information accessible to him.

A blog would be a great place to keep all of these information so I started the Web Services Blog. Since our blog network is powered by WordPress multisite, creating a new blog is just a few simple clicks.

The primary purpose of the blog is to house the documentations, but I wanted to expanded to web-related topics like latest projects at Mason Law, current trends, practices, and emerging technologies in the web industry. I also hope that the information could be useful to the public.