Little Leader

When I went to pick up Dao from daycare yesterday, he was placed on the changing table. As I walked in his classmates told me that Dao was in trouble. I asked the teacher what did he do and she reported that he has been hitting his friends and teachers all day. When it was time to clean up, he didn’t want to. When his friends tried to put his toys away, he hit them and even scratched one of them.

I literally didn’t know what to say. I told her that I talked to him, spanked him, but nothing worked. He is now getting worst. I asked the teacher if any other kid in class does it too. She said, “There are two more, but he’s the leader.” She went on, “Whenever another kid hit a teacher, he would say, ‘Hit Ms. J harder or yell at Ms. G louder.'” I shook my head in disbelieve.

When we left the building, I asked him why he hit his friends and he replied, “They are not nice. They took the toys away from me.” We went straight home and I made him some corns. He requested it. He ate the entire bowl and then we went to take a shower. He wanted more corns, but I told him that I would make him some something to eat. We shared two bowls of rice with eggs, hotdog, soy sauce and ketchup. He behaved well for the evening.