Stream of Randomness

The past few weeks had been a hell of a ride. The roller coaster has subsided, but the journey only begins. There’s tremendous hope for the strong body and soul. It’s up to the mind to decide.

I am going through all of George Carlin’s standup specials available on Netflix. Was Carlin really like that in real life or that was just his stage persona? I can’t tell because he sounded so real. His takes on religions, politic and subtle things in mundane life were so damn spot on. I usually can separate the art from from the persona like when listening to hip-hop, but Carlin’s routines are kind of blurry. In any rate, I could careless. Carlin is still one of my favorite comedians of all time.

Can one really get past envy and jealousy? I have try my hardest to not get those two things get to me, but it is so damn hard. It’s probably already in my gene. Sometimes I don’t like somebody simply because I don’t like him. The more I try to like him; the more I dislike him. It’s a horrible trait, but I simply can’t stop. I recognize it, but I can’t control it.