Dao’s Daycare Report

Child’s name: Dao Truong

Three words to describe student:

  • Great with peers
  • Chatty
  • Strong willed

Child strengths are:

  • Cleaning up: Dao is usually very good with cleaning up toys, with a bit of reminders from teachers.
  • Initiative: He has strong preferences in many things-books, specifically train etc. Such strong preferences lead him to take initiative to ask or go for certain objects or activities that we wants to do.

Areas that we are working on:

  • Hitting peers/teachers: When Dao doesn’t get what he wants, he gets very upset and hits his friends or teachers when told no. Compared to a few weeks ago, the behavior did curtail a bit, but still something we need to work on consistently.
  • Opening up to new activities: Dao did show tremendous change dealing with art projects: art class, drawing with crayons or markers don’t bother him that much. New activities — music class, yoga class or anything that he is not used to, he would not participate.
  • Following directions: Many times when asked to sit in a circle for circle time, Dao stays where he was and continues playing with the toys he’s been using. It was noticed, however, that when “persuaded,” he would enjoy whatever activity is going on in the group.

Notes from Daddy

Yes, we definitely need to work on his hitting issue. I am still searching for the right solution. Not punishing him is not working.

Over the weekend, my wife’s cousin came to visit us. She has two boys age four and six. They behaved quite well. When it was time for lunch or dinner, the TV was off and they sat at the table to eat their food. I asked her husband the secret and the said the whip. He reminded me that if you don’t do something about it now, he’ll “sit on your head.” He said that you have to whip them hard enough so that they’ll remember. It hurts, but you have to step up. My issue is that I am not as tough as him and I don’t have the patience to put up with Cu Dao.

As far as I can see, the kids are doing well. They were respectful. They listened when their dad told them to do something. My words mean nothing to Dao these days except when I give him “something special.” He “yeses” to everything I say whenever I am about to give him “something special.” After that, everything else goes right out of his ear.