Dear Dan

Yesterday was the first day since you were born that I got to spend alone with you. I enjoyed every moment of it. Seeing smile puts a smile on my own frowning face. You observed me cleaning up the dishes, doing the laundry and folding clothes. You kicked your feet with excitement every time I play with you. You laughed out when I joked with you.

You enjoyed the scene when we strolled to the library. You fell asleep halfway there; therefore, I took all the time that I needed to check out the books. You eat well. You sleep well. You smile a lot. You’re also a tough boy. Your big brother has been giving to rough love, but you took it and smile. The only time you cried when he butted his head on your face. Even I can’t endure his hard head; therefore, I feel your pain.

At five month, you have already showed tremendous personality. You’re already making sounds and trying to talk. You show big laugh when people are talking to you. Your mom told me that you woke up at four in the morning and smiling at her. I really love this about, son. Please keep on smiling my dear and you’ll have a much enjoyable life. We love you dearly.