Can’t believe you’re turn three today. What a year it has been. Life changes as you begin to discover the world and explore your identity.

You’re now a big brother. Sometimes you might feel like your little brother take over all the attention, but reassure that our love for you have not changed. Because we love you so much that we don’t want you to go through life all by yourself. Believe me, having a brother will be one of the biggest gifts you have ever received. Your mom and I won’t be around you forever, but your brother will for the most part of your life. So love each other and be there for each other. Your mom and I will be extremely happy if we could see that bond between you two.

In the past few months, I have been a little rough on you because you are a tough kid. I promise you that you will have many freedoms in life, but right now I just want you to have the respect and the discipline. I don’t expect much. Just a few simple rules and principles. You’re a bright kid and I know that you understand, but you choose not to listen. Whenever I picked you up from school, you would ask me, “Daddy, do you have something special for me? I want something special. I listen to you daddy. I listen to you daddy.” After we picked out some candies from the store, I said that we have to go home and wash your hand before you could eat it and you followed. Why can’t you do that at other times too?

While you have some issues to straighten out, you’re a terrific kid. We love you, kiddo. Have a wonderful birthday, Dao. And May too.

Bonjour Vietnam