The Wedding MC

Last Saturday I came back to Lancaster to attend an old buddy’s wedding and to my surprise Phong Le was in the house. He sang, rapped and hosted the reception. He still needed tremendous improvement as a host, but he was quite entertaining as a singer/rapper.

After introducing the bride and the groom family, Phong Le along with the Jam (a local band in Philly) kicked off a dedication to the bride with his own spin on “Nail Nail Nail.” Apparently there were quite a bit of nail owners in the audience. Nail salon is still one of Vietnamese thriving businesses around Lancaster. The guys I used to hang out with are now in the nail industry. Although the song is meant to be positive, it has become some sort of a joke. One can tell the crowd was not too pleased.

Then Phong Le rapped one of his signature tunes “Ghe Map” (Fat Chicks). A quick glance around the room, there were a handful of fat girls in the audience and they weren’t impressed either. I was surprised that no Heineken bottle was flying his way. Lancaster girls were on their best behavior.

Although Phong Le’s rap has yet to impress me, what I really liked about him was that he gave his all. His presence had made my buddy’s wedding very special. I appreciate and thank him for that. I also respect him for the fact that he was not one of those singers who think they are too good to sing at wedding. Fuck them!