Listening to Miles Davis’s “Move” and it fits perfect with my state of mind at the moment at work. I have finally moved sites off the server that is hosting the Law School web site. Now it’s one dedicated server dedicated to just the Law site. Everything else such as student organizations, blogs and faculty sites are residing on another dedicated server.

I set up three different networks using WordPress multisite feature. One for the faculty. One for student organizations . One for the blogs. I moved the Library & Technology Blog yesterday using the export and import feature in WordPress and the process took me two seconds. WordPress rocks once again.

In the future, anyone from the school or library request a web site for a faculty, organization or, blog, I can just add a new WordPress site instantly. They can go with the default template or create their own.

I am so glad that I could make the move with the support of my supervisor. It’s definitely a peace of mind to have the main site on its own.