Goodbye Susana

As my wife and I are trying to refinance our mortgage loan, I decided to give Susana, our realtor who helped us purchased our house, a call to ask her for a few tips. Her phone had been shut off so I called her office. The frontdesk guy told me that Susana had passed away a few months ago. Cancer claimed her life.

The chill ran down my spine. I was shocked. After a year of house-hunting together, Susana became more than just our realtor. We considered her as a friend. She was a hard worker who never said no to us when we wanted to look at the houses. She was such a lovely lady with two adorable twin girls and a very nice husband.

Even after we purchased the house, we kept in touch and invited her family over for dinner every once in a while. I actually was a bit sad that we didn’t get to go look at houses with her anymore. Then the last two years had been crazy for us. All of the sudden, Susana is gone. Life is just way too short.