MODX: The Official Guide

I work with MODX Evolution the day I took on a new job, which is four months ago, at George Mason Law. Since the site already built out, I just needed to learn my way around the system. I knew enough to redesign the entire site with HTML5 and responsive layout. It was a daunting task, but MODX gave me the flexibility to accomplish my goal.

Now I am learning to build a site from scratch using MODX Revolution and Bob Ray’s MODX: The Official Guide is indispensable. Through almost 800 pages, Ray demonstrates his inside-out knowledge of MODX. Using the book as a reference, I was able to put together a CMS-powered site with the exact markups I had intended. I am now in love with Revolution.

Highly recommended if you want to learn MODX. Must-have if you develop sites using MODX.