Getting Fat

After launching the web site for Renew Body Contour, I am so tempting to get the treatment myself. Thanks to a week straight of Eden Center’s diet (usually a bowl of noodle soup or a big plate of rice with avocado or durian smoothie), I now tipped over 150 pounds, which is the weight I thought I would never exceed. I know I am fat when I weight more than a pregnant woman. It’s definitely not a good thing to work so closed to a vibrant Vietnamese food area. I need to stick to my mixed greens, chicken, tomatoes and grapes. I also need to get back to jogging again. The weather is too damn nice.

I broke so many resolutions already. My wife just sigh when I tell her that I need to stop eating recklessly. On Tuesday, I went to James Hoban’s with a few of my closed former colleagues. After a few gin and tonic, I went for a big bacon burger. Man, it was heaven-sent. I couldn’t resist the temptation because I was so happy for one of them for taking on a new job four months after me. We worked together and the circumstand and the situation pulled us tighter together. That’s something to be pondered in another post.