My Boys

Em Dan has been completely recovered from the cold. He’s now working hard to gain weight. Because of his chubbiness, he feels so good in my arms. He starts to smile quite a bit nowadays like this one my wife took. He looked at himself this morning and also started to smile. We gave him a bath last night and he enjoyed it quite a bit. He seems to be the opposite of anh Dao.

And Dao irritated me last night. He kept scratching my arms and keloids. His finger nails were so sharp that I felt like needles poking me. I stomped out of the room to change to a long sleeve shirt. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I am going to wear long sleeve to bed from now on and trying to get him off my arms. I felt so bad because he kept saying, “tay, please.”

About the biting incident the other day, his teacher called me to apologize. I was cool about it, but I emphasized the important of letting us know things like that occurred at school. As I was giving him a bath, I asked him how was school and if anyone bit him. He said that he told his friend, “Please ‘A,’ don’t bite me, thank you.”

We spent the Saturday at my sister’s house and Dao played with Eric the whole time. Most of the time they played well together, but they get a bit rough once in a while. Dao cried and said that Eric hit his hand with a (toy) car. Eric also complaint that Dao started it. After calming them down, Dao said to Eric, “Please don’t hit my hand. I am a little small.” He sounded so cute the way he said “little small.”

Being a parent is hard, but seeing your kids grow and develop make it all worthwhile.