When giving Dao a bath last night, I noticed a red bruise on his back (below his left shoulder). I asked him what happened and he told me that one of his classmates bit him. He told me the name of the kid and where it happened. He cried and the teacher tried to comfort him, yet no one reported to us.

I was sad and irritated, but I stayed calm and spent the rest of the evening with him. This morning I was going to have a talk to his teacher, but she was reading to the kids so I didn’t want to interrupt. I reported to the administrator instead, but I didn’t say who did it. He’s going to find out and contact me sometimes today.

I am very glad that Dao was able to tell me exactly what went wrong. Although I was outraged, I didn’t flip out or anything. I just wanted him to be able to communicate to me if things don’t go right with him at school. The clip of the Asian kid attacked by seven kids still traumatize me. I told my wife that we will make sure that our kids will go to school and home safely until they go to college. Yes I am a helicopter parent when it comes to the safety of my kids.