Sneaky and Happy

Pampers’s Sesame Street diaper comes with various graphics including Elmo playing basketball, baseball and soccer. Dao only prefers the basketball ones. He wouldn’t let me change him until we use the basketball ones. Since the basketball one is quite limited, I switched out before I put it on without him noticing it. I know it is sneaky, but I am in no mood to fight with him which diaper to use.

When I didn’t have kids yet and when I witnessed a child disrespecting or disobeying his parents, I thought to myself, “If that was my kid I would beat the crap out of him.” Now I still want to beat the crap out of my kid for not listening to me, but the flashback of him falling off the playground with my carelessness haunted me. At times I got so mad at him and instead of beating the crap out of him, I just give him a big hug as if I am apologizing. Then he would say, “Are you happy, daddy? Are you happy?” Then I get this weird anger, amusing feeling as I responded to him, “Of course.”