More Fun With The Boys

In the parking lot this morning, Dao said to me, “Daddy, am Dao. Xe dung Dao.” He told me to carry him to class so that cars won’t hit him. It was cold and I was in a rush to get to work so I just picked him up. I think I have to carry him to class until he goes to college.

Yesterday he helped me changed diaper for his little brother so he pulled up the stool to stand next to me and said, “I am too small,” and glanced around the room and went on, “smaller than the light.” I smiled and replied in Vietnamese, “I don’t think I’ll ever be as tall as the light either.”

I witnessed little Dan smiled at me for the first time yesterday as I tried to communicate to him with the five words babies use. He seems to use “neh” very often. The little guy is hungry all the time. He doesn’t seem to use “eair” (lower gas) though. He just drops a few loud farts to make sure that we heard him. That’s his secret language for “change me now.”