We started co-sleeping with Dao when he was very young and now he needed one of us to be his side. Now that we have Dan, Dana sleeps with him so that she could nurse him at night and I stay with Dao. I really enjoy being with him. In the beginning, I was irritated that he keeps on rubbing my arm and scrapes my skin if he runs across something rough like a scratch or a cut. He even presses down on my keloid sometimes, which stings a like needle. Now I don’t mind at all. In fact, I get to kiss his smooth and soft cheeks, thanks to all the organic milk he has been drinking.

When Dana was pregnant, she told me that she would train Dan to sleep all by himself in his own crib, yet every time I come over they both sleep in bed. Unlike Dao, Dan likes to be nursed constantly and now he has unlimited access to the breasts. He wants to be fed too often that she just nursed in in bed until they both fall asleep. His cheeks are getting puffy now and I can’t tell if he’s getting chubby from the milk or his jaws are getting swollen. Either way, they are perfect to be kissed. Whenever I get the chance, I kiss those cheeks until he screams.

Dana says that she enjoys her time with Dan because she is now less worried. With Dao, we didn’t know much and anything appeared a bit unusual put us in a panic mode. Now we know what to expect and we can navigate our way around him. I also enjoy being with him. He stares right into me whenever I talked to him or playing with him. I can feel the special connection between us. It’s the kind of connection that makes it worthwhile to be a parent, even though it’s a tough responsibility and it is only get tougher as time goes by.

We just learn as we go along. It’s a very long journey so we might as well get used to it. One of Dana’s uncles warned us that if you let your kids sleep with you, they will until they turn 18. I don’t think he’s exaggerating. Well, if that’s how long it will take than we might as well enjoy it.