New Site For Jennifer Karin

New year starts out with a brand new site. I am very exciting to relaunch a small-but-fun professional web site for Jennifer Karin. The new site highlights Ms. Karin’s creative boxes that are “filled with books, awards, and accomplishments.”

Having worked with Ms. Karin in the past on her blog, I am delighted to have another opportunity to rework her web site. She has once again given me full creative freedom to shape the design. As a communications expert with over 25 years experience, Ms. Karin knows the important of clear and concise content. Before we even settled on the agreement, Ms. Karin already sent over all the contents. Comparing the new copies to the ones on the previous site, she cut the texts down to its essential.

After reading the contents, I know that the site needs to be simple, attractive and readable. The boxes she used in her writing gave me the idea of using icon box for each of her profession. Alex Brush, an elegant script typeface, is used for the header as well as the background, which is also a typographic treatment of her initials. Furthermore, I wanted each page to have its own color scheme to showcase the distinctiveness in her area of expertise.

Behind the scene, the site is written in HTML5 and CSS3 with the help of the awesome HTML5 Boilerplate. Of course, the layout is responsive to be viewed on various tablets and mobile devices.

This project makes a perfect beginning for 2012. Let’s hope the new year will bring more fun and excited opportunities like this.