No Kindle Fire For Christmas

I have always wanted an iPad, but my wife wouldn’t let me have it. Her reason is that I don’t need it. She’s right, between the MacBook Pro and the iPhone (both courtesy of George Mason Law), I don’t have a need for an iPad. It’s a luxury that I could do without even though I have used my sister-in-law’s first iPad and really like it. My main use of the iPhone, beside work, is mostly reading online and catching up with social media. I am not much of a gamer. The only app I purchased is Instapaper.

Since my wife is not too crazy about the iPad, even though she also uses it when we spend time over her sister’s house, I wanted to give her the Kindle Fire so she could do her reading. The Fire arrived two weeks prior to Christmas and she couldn’t help using it. What really annoys us is the user interface.

I tried to look past the fact that I can not compare the Fire to the iPad, but the user experience really breaks the Fire. It wouldn’t do what we wanted to do like typing. It keeps recognizing the wrong keys. When I tapped on the web pages that aren’t designed with responsive layout, it doesn’t zoomed in the contents where I want to do my reading.

I have subscription to The New Yorker and Time, but in order to read on the Kindle I have to download the entire magazine, which is about 80mb a piece. The downloading time took forever and the Fire sometimes froze in the process, which forced me to quit.

Even though we’re disappointed, my wife was planning on keeping it just for reading and browsing the web, but now there’s a black line that runs down the screen. Just already three weeks and the screen already has a problem. We’re just going to have to send it back to Amazon.