Our Dear Dan

Our lovely Dan makes our lives a bit easy by being such a good sport. He doesn’t cry as long as he’s fed and clean. The other day, I put the bottle of pumped milk into his mouth and he refused to suck on it. I tried it several times and he just wouldn’t react to it. After I changed his diaper, he finished two ounces of milk in less than a minute and dozed off to sleep.

When he woke up he didn’t cry at all. He was just chilling out and made some noises to let us know that’s he up. I sat by his crib last night and was marveled at how good this kid was. Dao was not like that all. Even today he has to have me or his mom slept with him. If he woke up and couldn’t find anyone around, he would cry and get up out of bed.

Maybe it is still a bit too early to say, but I am very happy that Dan is not as demanding as his older brother. I really do hope that he’ll continue to be that way.