Big and Small

Lil Dan got another blood test today. He doesn’t seem to sweat the needle pinching at all. He gave a half-ass cry when the technician rubbed the tube against the old cut then went back to sleep. He’ll need to get tested again tomorrow since his bilirubin doesn’t seem to drop.

Dan has been eating and pooping well. Changing him is a bit of the challenge, but I am starting to get a hang of the rhythm: poop, pee and poop or poop, poop and pee or pee, poop and poop. He likes to do it without diaper. The more he cries, the more he does it.

After spending two days in the hospital holding Dan, we realize how much Dao has grown. He feels so big when we hug him these days. We should pat ourselves for not doing a bad job raising him. Last night he came into his baby brother’s room and shared his Thomas Train, something he has not done before. When we were at table trains with other kids, he guarded his train by putting them under the bridge and covered them up with his hands. He doesn’t take train away from other kids. He just kept on eye on his preferred train and waited until the other kids don’t play with it anymore. That’s my boy.