Go Away Bilirubin

Another day, another blood tube. Still no cry today even though he was awake. Our lil Dan is one tough baby. He has been closely monitored for his Bilirubin. His level is peaked out today and should come back down tomorrow. He’s also regaining his weigh thanks to his loving mother for her continuous nursing.

Dan gets lots of love from his big brother. When he cried, Dao gave him kisses and told him, “It’s ok baby brother. Don’t cry. Big brother is here.” The first thing Dao did when he woke up was running over his brother’s room, giving him kisses and reading book to him. He picked out the book that he could memorize by looking at the picture. Already Dao proves to be a great big brother.

Dao continues to crack us up with his reasonings. “Please feed me the pear because it’s too cold.” When Grandma told him that her hands are dirty; therefore, she can’t play with him. He responded to her, “Here’s the towel grandma. Clean your hand and go play with Dao.” To grandpa, “Would you like to help Dao [setting up] bowling?” Seeing Dao continues to develop his personality makes me happy. Seeing him showing his love for his brother makes me proud.

Before having our second child, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to love all my children the same way. Now I have discovered that I don’t have to love them the same way. Each of them is unique and my job is to nurture them and love them in their own way. That’s what make each child special.