Sleeping Beauty and Big Brother

Like mama, Dan lets nothing get in between him and his sleep, even a pinched needle. Yesterday he needed to get blood test for his jaundice. The technician worried that she would wake him up when she pinched the needle into his foot. I reassured her that he wouldn’t. She was amazed that he made no sound as all even when she squeezed his foot to draw the blood. The day before that he didn’t cry at all in the hospital when another technician took his blood while he was sleeping. The first time when he was awake, however, he was bawling.

Big brother Dao shows mucho love for his little brother. As soon as he woke up, the first thing he wanted to do was to stand by the crib watching his brother sleep. He also helped be getting the Vaseline and diaper when I changed his brother’s diaper. He showed his brother his trains and his iPod.

The gap between the two of them seems to bridge well. If his little brother were to come out when Dao was around two, we would have more tough time with them both. We’re also very fortunate that Dan likes to sleep. He was been sleeping so much ever since he came home from the hostipal. His wait has dropped 10% because he rather be sleeping than taking his milk.

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