Dan’s Second Day

Dung, Dan and I are still in the hospital while Dao is staying home with grandparents. I was hoping we get to go home today because I really miss Dao. Holding Dan in my arms gives me nostalgia. I can’t believe two and a half years had gone by already.

With the new baby, I feel like I am reliving the moment even though the experience is completely different. I thought I was well prepared for the second baby, but Dan isn’t anything like his brother. As we have witnessed yesterday. When he wanted to come out, he waited for no one. I didn’t even get a chance to park the car in the parking garage. I didn’t want to miss the occasion so I just left the car right in front of the main door. I didn’t even have the time to grab the camera out of the car.

Today is only his second day in this world, yet he is already attaching to us. We placed him in his crib and he cried. I picked him up, held him closed to my chest and he slept without a sound. I placed him down and he started to fuss. He’s too adorable not to pick him back up. All the lessons we had learned about our first child had gone out the window. I feel like it’s a whole new journey again and we will have to navigate our ways around him as we had done so with Dao.

I am looking forward to going home tomorrow so that I can spend the rest of the week with my boys before heading back to work. Seeing them together and witnessing Dao showing his affective for his baby brother makes me feel blessed.

Of course my boys wouldn’t be here without the wonderful person who gave birth to them. She endured all the pain throughout the journeys. There is no word I can describe how grateful I am to have her in our lives. Loving her simply isn’t enough because her love for all of us is unsurpassable.

Bonjour Vietnam